quarta-feira, 6 de fevereiro de 2013


ECHOES was programed by OSSO.PT

I had two sound pieces for the Radio Open Calls
You're listening a live recording for ECHOES#1
Performed at the Cistern of Faculty of Fine Arts in Lisbon 2012

Open call by Paulo Raposo at Stress.FM

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“How to get lost and start listening”

“The ear knows this space. I can put the ear on the other side of the window, projecting it great distances, holding it at a great distance from the body. Lost, dissolved in the transparent air, fluctuating with its nuances, sensible of its smallest comas, shivering at the least derision, set free, mingled with the shocks of the world, I exist.” (Michel Serres, Les cinq Sens) The headquarters of the project and the radio studio is located in the old medieval part of Lisbon giving the motto “How to get lost and start listening”. The surroundings of Alfama, with its intrincate labyrinth of narrow streets, secret passages and unforseen connections, promotes and enhances an experience of disorientation, wandering, walking in circles and ultimately getting lost and disconnected. Despite the economical and political pressures on urban renewal – this territory invites memory, history, reflection, bringing public and private space to find a tensionless continuum in its constellation of concatenated spaces that fluidly merge the interior and the exterior. Escaping a linear narrative, it is an organic palimpsest where the dispersed and reflected sounds ghostly recirculate and activate new forms of awareness, different perceptual matrixes and spatial coordinates. This radio project aims to investigate topographies and geographies, social and cultural narratives through poetic imagination, arising the possibility for a deeper commitment with the landscape, the architectural space and the community. The selected works will be broadcast and streamed by stress.fm between 12 and 14 of July.