sábado, 30 de março de 2013

varios slows tape

varios slows tape from Fernando Fadigas on Vimeo.
Video installation at Zaratan Gallery Lisbon 2014.

In 1999 I made a VHS tape loop called "Vários Slows" for an exhibition at ZDB Gallery in Lisbon. This was a 24 hours installation were people could dance classic 80's "slows" inside a room with a big screening of this classic audio tape rolling. The same audio tape were now used after 15 years at my solo exhibition at Zaratan. The sound of this blanked tape were recorded and directly mixed with the cassete and deck sound mechanisms. The head reader and contact microphones were installed inside the Cassete and the Tape Deck. The result is the regular ambience of a tape noise in background but also strange patterns emerged, some obscure noises randomly build an imperfect and unstable loop composition. Listen with headphones or a nice sound system.

Video Loop, PAL, Color, Stereo Sound, Genelec Speakers