quarta-feira, 3 de abril de 2013



Fernando Fadigas [Oeiras - Portugal 1968].

MA in Multimedia Art exploring sound art practices at Faculty of Fine Arts in Lisbon University. Studies in Photography and Contemporary Art (MAUMAUS School of Arts), Photography (AR.CO), Aesthetics & Art History (SNBA), Sound, Electroacoustic Music & Media in several workshops and seminars promoted by (CESEM / CECL / FCSH). 

Audiovisual Artist and Composer for Video, Performance Art, Installation, Theater and Animation Films. Actually teaches Sound Art in a Post-Graduate diploma at Faculty of Fine Arts in Lisbon. Has preference for collective works, site-specific projects and sound improvisation. 
Their focus of interest is based on psychoacoustics, noise, soundscape and synesthesia phenomena, observing and experiencing relationships between old and new technology for music, sound and image manipulations. Since 1998 is a member of POGO, a multimedia collective based in Lisbon with roots in Theatre and Performance Art
He’s also a publisher and curator for experimental arts and music. Runs the record label “Variz” with the artist and producer Miguel Sá. In this context they share several music collectives as PRODUCERS (electronic improvisation), LOWER TRIO (with the improviser and musician Vitor Rua), WHIT (experimental Turntablism with Pedro Lopes and Nuno Moita) and TRA$H CONVERTERS (Dj set).