quarta-feira, 1 de janeiro de 2014



Rogério Taveira + Fernando Fadigas

Desenho de Som
performance / drawing / live sound

Penhasco, Lisboa, 14th June 2019

Photography Nuno Martins
press images for Nuno's photography

"Before being Abandonment and Penhasco (Cliff), this space was inhabited by a small textile industry. Only a few fragments of iron and cardboard remain. These are the objects that have produced the charred voice that echoes in Penhasco and in the two-dimensionality of a large sheet of paper. In the charcoal tracks, a soundscape is drawn which summons memories of this other space of work, erased by rust and silence.

The maintenance of a repetitive, exhaustive, abyssal work, conditioned by the denial of the city, becomes a producer of sound gestures. The objects found in this space are the tools of drawing and sound production. The premise is that each object has its own vibration, a specific way of modulating the air after being brushed, rubbed or dragged in order to produce sounds and marks on the 8 x 1.5 sheet of paper meters.

On the 14th of June the path outlined since April in this great agenda / score have ended . In this last movement, the sounds were processed in real time by Fernando Fadigas."

Rogério Taveira