terça-feira, 21 de maio de 2013

for and against the eye


On the crossroad of senses often called Synesthesia
Atelier Oporto, Lisboa 2013

One night of lectures and experiments on synesthesia.
Featuring works by Fernando Fadigas, Paul Sharits, Joachim Schmid,
Franck Scurti & John Smith and two lectures by guest speakers by
Ophelia Deroy and Joachim Schmid.

Curated by Alexandre Estrela

Beer Sound
Audiovisual Installation / Sound Performance

Pure tones are generated and modulated in a live performance where the public 
are invited to a beer taste. A replication of the 1968 experience of James Turrel and Robert Irwin.

Beer Sound
Instalação Audiovisual/Performance sonora

Frequências sonoras são manipuladas ao vivo durante uma degustação de cerveja.
Réplica das experiências levadas a cabo em 1968 por Kristian Holt Hansen’s
e os artistas James Turrel e Robert Irwin.