quarta-feira, 1 de maio de 2013

video undercurrent


"Undercurrent" is an immersive and multichannel audiovisual installation.
It is an apnea dive. A journey through a submerged current for approximately four minutes
alternated by total darkness, moments of almost silence and very detailed noises.

All images captured inside a river with a old MiniDV cam and a DIY waterproof box.

It reveals an obscure environment of sounds and images captured in an unusual perspective.
The black screen is a reference to acousmatic music, emphasizing acoustic details and the spatialization of sound.
It's also an invitation to a deep listening of underwater sound textures and its acoustic phenomena.
Some imagens are just anchors and spatiotemporal coordinates for a better reading of this route inside the river.
"Undercurrent" suggests a retreat, a resistance state questioning our excessive technological dependence
due to a very concrete inner nature, a need of contemplation, probably that of our own existence.