quarta-feira, 1 de maio de 2013

prototype 432


Prototype [432], designed by the Lithuanian architect Bernardas Bagdanavičius is a complex musical
instrument, cube-shaped, composed of grids and metal structures that support a total of 432 crossed guitar strings.
The construction of this piece is based on the numeric array of the Schoenberg's Concert for Piano and Orchestra,
Opus 42 and allows to be played and manipulated simultaneously by a variable number of musicians. Prototype [432]
had in SuperStereo Demonstration Festival at Teatro Maria Matos in March 2012 it's premiere as a musical instrument
serving the different perspectives and approaches in handling, modeling and processing by Christian Fennesz in his concert,
and portuguese improvisers such as Marco Franco, Manuel Mota, Miguel Sá and Fernando Fadigas.