quarta-feira, 1 de maio de 2013


VARIZ is a Portuguese record label and promoter agency managed by the producers and artists Miguel Sá and Fernando Fadigas. Based on both poles of the Lisbon-Oporto axis since 2001. Its aim is to bring electronic music, sound art and experimental multimedia projects into acknowledgement by a wider audience. This platform operates in the grey area between abstract and new tendencies of dance floor. Co-produced the multidisciplinary project Super Stereo Demonstration which occurred in 2012 at Teatro Maria Matos, Lux-Frágil and Fine Arts Faculty in Lisbon, at Guarda - Linhares of Beira medieval castle in 2005 and ZDB Gallery – Lisbon in 2002. Also curated music program of Número Festival 2006/07 and VilaTone - Vilamoura Mixed Media and Music Festival MMVIII.

Promoted concerts in Portugal with artists as Above Smoke, Akufen, Andy Vaz, Andrew Poppy, Lump aka , Atom™, BodyCode, Bruno Pronsato, Chris & Cosey, Cluster, Curd Duca, Cylob, Discopunk, DJ Sprinkles aka Terre Thaemlitz, Fennesz, Frank Bretschneider, Hieroglyphic Being, Ikue Mori, Jakob Kirkegaard, Jerry the Cat, Kaneng Lolang, Kim Cascone, Neoangin, Nova Huta, Oriol Rossell, Omar Léon, Pete Herbert, Portable, Popnoname, Safety Scissors, Sebastian Meissner (Bizz Circuits and Random_Inc), Sutekh, Tujiko Noriko, The Activator, Victor Gama, Zentex, among many others. 

The label’s roster (9 releases) includes: Tam, @C, Migso, Lolly and Brains, Nova Huta, Zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzp!, Manuel Mota, Discmen, João Castro Pinto, Producers, Stapletape, among others and it has welcome contributions from the following visual artists: Alexandre Estrela, Lia, Miguel Soares, Dora Sousa Santos, Luís Alegre, João Marçal, Miguel Sá and Rev Design.