sexta-feira, 1 de março de 2013


Electroacoustic Studies Network

Electroacoustic Music in the Context of Interactive
Approaches and Networks
CGD - Culturgest, Lisboa 2013


Inland is a narrative structure about a microphone journey
from stratosphere till the interior of the earth. An hypothetical route from A to B
and representation of the several acoustic layers and sound environments of this
downward movement. I used several hydrophones to record underwater sounds,
sea waters, rivers and it's undercurrents. For deep ambiences and interior sound details
I also recorded substances like sand, ashes, organic debris, stone collisions, ice, thawing
process of a microphone and other acoustic phenomenas.
There was also a component of improvisation and live sound modulation.
In this particular case at Culturgest, the stage had a portable laboratory to conduct
a real time experiment, collecting and processing the sounds of the boiling liquids
to build the background of the piece.

Live performnace with Laptop, Ableton Live/Max/Msp + analog circuits as
Mute Synth, Korg Monotron, portable laboratory, alcohol lamp
contact microphones and hydrophones.